28 January 2011

A New Blog!

I'm sorry, Mom! I know you're the only one who reads this, so I have to send you to the new blog. This one was created for a Photography class. The new one is for Graphic Design. I may come back here periodically, but you know I never write much anyway. For now, move with me to my new blog!

01 September 2010

Fun with PhotoShop

During a field trip my photography class took, most of us got together and had lunch at Mellow Mushroom. I guess there were some sort of cut glass windows in there acting as prisms, because there were rainbows everywhere! I captured one on a salt shaker. At some point I moved my face into one of these rainbows and someone told me not to move. Now, being a photography class, there were plenty of cameras to choose from and whoever it was who shot the photo, used mine...lucky me!
I was feeling kind of blah that day and the photo showed it! Bags under the eyes, dull-looking skin, grungy gray t-shirt, hair all a mess, NO makeup on, etc. Fortunately, I had that rainbow over one eye to give me a little color.
Enter PhotoShop! I love, love, LOVE this program! Get rid of the bags, give the skin a makeover, change the color of the t-shirt to something a little more flattering, change the hair COMPLETELY, and add a little lipstick. Below, you will find the original and the edited photographs.
I call the one on the right "Medusa meets Rainbow Brite".

13 June 2010


Motivation is my biggest problem. I have none. Recently, I received some advice from an RCC photography graduate and it would prove valuable if I would just follow it. He said that I should get out and shoot something...anything. So I went out into the back yard and shot some clover.
And then it started raining. So I pulled some strawberries out of the fridge. I was hungry. But then I looked at them and thought, "I should shoot these before I eat them." So I did.
To everyone who reads this blog (both of you), thanks for the motivation!

22 April 2010

I Won an Award!?!?

Yes, friends, I am now an award winning blogger! Ok, so my sister awarded me the Beautiful Blog Award and hinted that I should post more. Apologies. I'm not a consistent and steadfast blogger, as she is. Blogging is usually something I do/did for one class that required it. However, if I keep getting reminders, maybe I will post something when I have something worth sharing. That being said, I recently took a Spring Break trip to Bald Head Island and came back with a few shots I turned into High Dynamic Range images.
Thanks again for the award, B!!

04 March 2010


Our last photo assignment for Advertising Photography was to shoot a piece of jewelry. The specifications were "close up and dazzling". Now, I wouldn't say mine is dazzling. It doesn't have any actual jewels. Is it still jewelry if there are no jewels? We had to use a large format camera with a medium format digital back, tethered to use CaptureOne software. It was frustrating! With a little help from my friends PhotoShop and Maria B., this is my final image.

25 February 2010


My Multimedia class (some of us) took a field trip to downtown Greensboro with the theme of REPETITION in mind. Here are some of the photos I took.

18 February 2010


The assignment in my Advertising Photography class this week was to photograph our instructor, Chuck Egerton. I wanted the background to be a deep, jazzy looking red, but the only gels I could find were hot pink. So I worked a little PhotoShop magic and this is what I ended up with...
Thanks Chuck!